17 Intelligent Methods to Drive a Narcissist Nuts

Are you aware the saying, “Don’t hate the participant, hate the sport”? 

When determining the best way to mess with a narcissist, you’ll have to hate the participant too. 

You’ll additionally have to faucet right into a harder aspect of your self whereas pushing your actions into uncomfortable areas. 

Whereas we aren’t going to stoop to his stage, we’ll lean over them and provides them a style of their very own medication, all that can assist you escape a narcissistic abuse cycle. 

What Drives a Narcissist Insane?

Narcissists see themselves as entitled and past repercussion whereas ruling their world from their pedestal. Something that threatens to knock them off their pedestal will piss them off.

Indifference: A narcissist wants to manage you and get your consideration, whether or not it’s reward or a pissed-off rant. Completely nothing is worse than indifference (actual or faked). 

Gloating: Since a narcissist wants a provide feeding their superiority, even celebrating your individual win with out giving them full credit score for the victory will unravel their poorly-sewn ego. 

Independence: Should you aren’t a puppet on his poisonous strings, he doesn’t have management or the power to govern you. 

Self-Love: There’s solely room on this relationship for one particular person to be adored—him! Should you take time for your self and by your self, he’ll really feel uncovered because the weakling he actually is. 

Dismissiveness: Should you don’t host a parade for him finishing family chores, he’s irate. Don’t he’s the chore champion? 

How you can Drive a Narcissist Nuts: 17 Intelligent Techniques to Attempt

Generally, you simply exist, and it makes a narcissist nuts.

Solely use these ways if you’re making an attempt to determine the best way to trick a narcissist into leaving you alone. Don’t use it as a option to win them again.  

1. Discuss to Somebody, Anybody Else

A narcissist desires to be your sole supply of knowledge, dialog, and socialization. Should you’re giving any consideration to another person, that’s a provide of consideration he’s not getting.

Whenever you’re underneath his management, you may go get his favourite drink and never take a look at anybody else. 

Make him seethe when he sees you smiling on the bartender or complimenting the tie of one other man in line. 

2. Name Him Out On a Lie

You could play this one fastidiously since you’re not exhibiting jealousy. You might be exhibiting you aren’t the idiotic weakling he assumes everybody else to be.

If he went to comfortable hour with the Instagram influencer from his workplace, inform him. Repeat it. Work it into each dialog. 

When he throws the gaslighting, projecting, and blame-shifting at you, stay emotionally distant. Bonus piss-off factors when you add, “Did your social media influencer let you know to say that?” 

3. Be Obscure About The place You’ve Been

Since a narcissist is your social warden, you want permission to go anyplace.

Should you “go to comfortable hour with coworkers” and “it was enjoyable,” he’s going to imagine you’re mendacity (as a result of he does it) and flirting with different individuals (as a result of he does that, too).

The extra he probes, the much less particular you need to be. For further credit score, let him know his title didn’t even come up at comfortable hour.

Then casually point out how a lot enjoyable you had. Let him catch you smiling within the mirror as you sweep your tooth. 

4. Have a good time a Milestone Relentlessly

When another person will get engaged or strikes into a brand new (larger than his) dwelling, it’s trigger for wholesome, supportive individuals to rejoice. For a narcissist, it’s a reminder that he’s inferior and that stuff has to cease.

They’re identified to start out fights earlier than massive occasions to attract consideration again to them. 

He’ll be most peeved when you go to the housewarming celebration with out him or provide to host the engagement celebration in your yard. 

5. Diffuse the Love Bombs

A annoyed narcissist will return to what labored initially—showering you with items, compliments, and affection.

Don’t let him woo you and get a sudden headache earlier than bedtime. Deal with items because the pathetic try to govern you that they’re. 

Emphasize this by not sharing emotional overshares to essentially throw him for a loop. 

6. Abruptly Change Your Habits

He can manipulate you as a result of he is aware of your each transfer. He’s watched your habits and likes to hit your triggers.

Even when he lists off body-shaming barbs whilst you’re preparing for work, and that normally ruins your day, inform him you like your physique and can rock this outfit with four-inch heels. 

Be like a fly buzzing round the home that he can’t meet up with, and it’ll drive him bonkers. 

7. Do What You Need

He’s the Norm of his personal model of Cheers, and each Friday night time, you go to listen to everybody tout his accolades. Get underneath his pores and skin by “stunning” him with a visit to a brand new Asian Fusion restaurant. 

Bonus if he doesn’t know the best way to use chopsticks and can fumble via the meal. If he refuses to go? Kiss him tenderly after which go with out him. 

Should you can time your new yoga class with an evening he doesn’t come dwelling on time, you may add insult to harm by saying, “Oh, I didn’t even discover you weren’t right here.” 

8. Supply Some (Any) Criticism

His false exterior and inflated sense of self imagine he can do no mistaken. Too typically, you’ve sat again and praised the Emperor’s New Garments. Now, let him know his socks don’t actually go together with that outfit. 

Right his kind on the golf course. Inform him it’s pronounced “Eager-WAH,” not “Kin-OH-uh.” As soon as his eyes are slivered and his breath is swift, you’ve gotten underneath his pores and skin.

Higher but? Add a pathetic sigh and go to the dresser to get the socks you need him to put on. 

9. Delight within the Discard

Sooner or later, he will likely be fed up together with your insubordinate conduct, and he’ll disappear, ghost or outright go away you. That is normally your cue to beg him to return again.

Let him go, and significantly hope the door hits him on the way in which.  Submit how comfortable you’re on social media and {that a} “weight has been lifted.” 

When he tries to like bomb once more, deal with him like a door-to-door salesman and simply say, “No, thanks!” 

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10. Don’t Be Impressed

When he begins boasting about his achievements, nice or small, channel your internal Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney, and don’t be impressed. Bonus when you do the little mouth shift to the aspect to punctuate it. 

You don’t even must be impolite. Even simply saying, “Very cool. What are you making for dinner?” is dismissive sufficient to make him downright deflated. 

11. Trump His Sufferer Card

Narcissists love to attract consideration again by enjoying the sufferer. Your sense of compassion attracts you to this to repair it and nurse him via no matter feigned assault he endured. Use loopy issues like logic and motive to level out all of the methods he’s not a sufferer. 

Remind him of the occasions he’s performed the sufferer earlier than, and it wasn’t true. Rub salt within the wound by exhibiting how he’s really the attacker, not the sufferer. 

12. Terminate Triangulation Makes an attempt

Narcissists wish to play either side off of the center to realize management and a spotlight. They are going to create battle between two individuals whereas being the one supply of communication for every angled particular person. 

In case you have good battle decision expertise or can face battle head-on, you may skip previous the center man (the narcissist) and handle the particular person on the opposite aspect instantly. Now the narcissist is uncovered and enraged. 

Should you don’t know the opposite particular person within the triangle, ask for an introduction and watch his eyes develop to the dimensions of golf balls. 

13. Set Fierce Boundaries

Narcissists don’t like every boundaries, however new ones are particularly annoying. Since they see themselves as above any guidelines, these boundaries are definitely meant for another person.

Give this a one-two punch by attaching “provide” (consideration) to the boundary. 

For instance, “You at all times interrupt me once I’m telling you about success at work. Should you do it once more, I’m going to spend time with somebody who will assist me.” 

Keep on with the boundary relentlessly, even when spending time with another person means getting a Starbucks espresso and studying a guide by your self. 

14. Use Exaggerated Physique Language

This works particularly properly when you use plenty of gestures and facial expressions by nature. You’ll be able to’t simply be round a narcissist when they’re lauding themselves; you have to be a participant. 

Give clean stares, eye rolls, and smirks—perhaps throw in a facepalm. Something however clapping, hugging, and needy touching will drive them up a wall. 

This could additionally work the opposite approach round if you’re gesture-prone. Conserving your arms down such as you’re on a rollercoaster and your face as frozen as a statue. He’ll be miffed when you aren’t transferring extra to his windy rants. 

15. Delay Your Responses

By a sure level, the narcissist has you skilled to reply texts instantly and by no means let a name go to voicemail. You’ll actually ship him right into a tailspin when you don’t reply. No, this isn’t merciless. 

He isn’t nervous that you simply’ve been in an accident. Even when you have been, he’d make it about how laborious the restoration is on him. 

Overachieve this tactic by setting your cellphone to show textual content messages as READ. When he confronts you about it, be dismissive since you have been too busy to reply at the moment. 

16. Desensitize Your self to His Abuse

The manipulative ways of narcissists are supposed to get a response out of you. He doesn’t care if it’s crying on the counter or submitting to the fetal place within the closet. 

The feelings you provide are an indication of management. Should you can “pretend it till you make it” throughout his outbursts and simply keep stoic and cussed with out saying a phrase, he’ll be irate. 

NOTE: This may worsen earlier than it will get higher, however the sweeter the victory for you. 

17. Agree With Every little thing He Says

Add a dose of sarcasm to this for the total impact. He says you’re loopy? Yep, you’re. You’re being too delicate? Yep, since you’re a human being with feelings, and he’s being insensitive. This solely works when you’re nonetheless desensitized. 

For the ultimate nail within the coffin, when he thinks you’re going to cry or have an emotional outburst, snicker hysterically. 

If he does this in entrance of others, use it as a option to put the highlight again on him in a vital approach. “Yep, I’m letting myself go as a result of I wore yoga pants tonight. A minimum of they’re Lululemon yoga pants!” 

Issues You Shouldn’t Do to Piss Off a Narcissist

In full transparency, you shouldn’t do something to essentially piss off a narcissist or push his buttons. You will have a wholesome restrict of how far you’ll stoop.

He doesn’t. Simply since you haven’t seen bodily abuse (but) or the worst of his conduct, it’s greatest to not poke a sleeping bear.

Don’t inform him he’s a narcissist. You’ve carried out all this nice analysis, and also you’re armed with nice phrases like “gaslighting” and “love bombing.” On this case, the reality doesn’t set you free. It really makes him need to tighten the chains.

Don’t smear his title. He is aware of extra about your skeletons than you do about his, and he’s not above some photoshopping and doxing. Emotional scars can heal. Your web presence, irrespective of how pretend he makes or not it’s, is there without end. 

Don’t embarrass them publicly, even when they’ve carried out it to you. You’re already at DEFCON 2 when you insult him behind closed doorways. Do it publicly, and also you’re at DEFCON 1, and he has extra nuclear weapons. 

Remaining Ideas

Solely somebody who survived narcissistic abuse can actually perceive the battle cry of “Simply stroll away.” It goes in opposition to every thing in your fierce soul to battle again. 

The one approach you may actually piss off a narcissist for good is to dwell a cheerful life with completely no contact with them. 


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