5 suggestions stop pores and skin irritation after shaving

Shaving is likely one of the mostly used methods for physique hair removing. Whereas shaving is definitely probably the most handy, simple and inexpensive solution to take away hair out of your physique, it additionally comes at a price. It could actually trigger pores and skin irritation and rashes, particularly if it’s not achieved correctly. So, are you questioning easy methods to stop pores and skin irritation after shaving?

Well being Photographs spoke to Dr Monica Chahar, Dermatologist at Pores and skin Decor, Delhi, who shared among the finest tricks to take care of itchy and irritated pores and skin after shaving.

Dr Chahar says, “Whereas shaving is the simplest and undoubtedly the quickest solution to do away with undesirable hair, at instances it will also be painful and uncomfortable. Pores and skin irritation or shaving rash is a typical pores and skin situation that may develop after you shave. It’s brought on by your razor, inflicting pores and skin injury and exhibiting up as crimson, itchy pores and skin irritation.”

The right way to cease pores and skin rashes after shaving?

Let’s begin by determining what could trigger the rashes within the first place. Your razor, the best way you shave, and your pores and skin kind, all might be chargeable for your itchy pores and skin. As an illustration, shaving with a boring razor blade will increase the threat of getting razor rashes, and in case you have delicate pores and skin naturally, shaving may irritate it extra simply. So, allow us to get to know some easy and efficient methods to calm pores and skin irritation after shaving.

how to prevent skin irritation after shaving
Handle the best way you shave to forestall pores and skin points. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Listed here are 5 methods to calm pores and skin irritation after shaving:

1. Eradicating useless pores and skin earlier than you shave

Exfoliation is a crucial step that many are likely to neglect or relatively discover unimportant. However thoughts you, this straightforward step earlier than you start to shave performs a giant position in saving your pores and skin from the aftereffects of shaving. Exfoliation removes useless pores and skin from the floor making your pores and skin gentle sufficient for the razor to glide easily over your pores and skin. Scrub your pores and skin gently utilizing a loofah or a mild scrub earlier than you shave for gentle pores and skin afterward.

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2. Steer clear of shaving dry pores and skin

Shaving dry pores and skin is like inviting pores and skin issues. All the time make certain to hydrate your pores and skin sufficiently by soaking the world you intend to shave for a few minutes in heat water or finest take a bathe. As soon as the shaving space is sufficiently moist, apply a shaving gel to retain moisture when you shave. This small step ensures your pores and skin doesn’t dry out whereas shaving and saves it from the itchy after-effects.

3. Choose a correct razor

Utilizing a correct razor is by far an important half if you wish to do away with pores and skin irritation after shaving. Firstly, make certain to make use of a pointy razor blade to guard your pores and skin from scratches and itchiness. If the razor blade feels tough in your pores and skin or pulls at your physique hair, you could know that it’s time to switch your blade. Subsequent, use a razor with three or extra blades spaced tightly collectively as it is going to glide simpler throughout your pores and skin and stop razor burn.

how to prevent skin irritation after shaving
Select the correct razor to shave! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Shave within the path of hair progress

All the time keep in mind to shave within the path of hair progress and in case you have delicate pores and skin, then it turns into all of the extra essential if you wish to keep away from pores and skin irritation post-hair removing. And don’t forget to take your personal time and shave in gentle, regular strokes. If required, get extra details about easy methods to shave particular person areas of your physique to additional cut back the probabilities of pores and skin irritation after you shave.

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5. Use a moisturizer after shaving

As soon as you’re achieved shaving, don’t forget to use a beneficiant quantity of moisturizing lotion or oil ideally alcohol-free to retain the moisture and add an additional layer of safety from razor rashes and pores and skin irritation.


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