Explanation why you must cease backcombing your hair

In a quest to make our hair look flawless, we are likely to experiment with them so much. Teasing your hair to get large quantity is one development that by no means goes out of fashion. How usually do you backcomb your hair? This hair development dates again to the Nineteen Eighties when it was a well-liked go-to coiffure for each celeb. It’s one coiffure that offers you prompt quantity and makes you look beautiful. Nonetheless, backcombing entails a whole lot of teasing, which isn’t such a good suggestion to your hair.

Healthshots reached out to guide dermatologist and dermato-surgeon Dr Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinics to grasp how backcombing damages your hair.

How does backcombing injury your hair?

If backcombing is your go-to repair for each time you might be quick on time to model your hair, cease now!

“Backcombing can injury your hair follicles and even trigger hair loss. In this kind of hair styling, the hair cuticle will get scaped, and the cuticle from the shaft. The extra cuticles are lifted the extra quantity your hair will get, which will be dangerous to your hair” explains Dr Kapoor.

How backcombing results in hair issues? Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

She additionally shared different methods backcombing can injury your hair. Aside from damaging the hair follicles, backcombing can even:

  • Backcombing could cause matted knots and hair breakage
  • The hair by no means returns to the unique flat association, and ultimately, the hair cuticles grow to be unfastened, and cut up ends start to type.
  • The essential integrity of hair will get broken, which doesn’t restore until new hair grows out.
  • It may possibly trigger traction alopecia.

Dr Kapoor elaborates, “traction alopecia due to backcombing is a type of hair loss due to extreme pulling on the hair follicles. A forceful styling approach similar to backcombing causes continual traction, resulting in weakened hair follicles. Needless to say the hair cycle change as we age, and subsequently it takes extra time to reverse or deal with the injury.”

Tricks to reduce injury attributable to backcombing

Listed here are some easy tricks to reduce hair injury attributable to backcombing the hair:

  • Use the proper approach, and don’t attempt to pull your hair. Right here’s the best strategy to do it to attenuate injury:
  • Begin with clear and combed hair
  • Divide the hair into small sections.
  • Take a small part of hair and backcomb down gently utilizing a skinny comb. Make it possible for your comb goes to the underside earlier than you’re taking it out. Then begin from the highest once more.
  • Don’t use an up-and-down movement, and be very light along with your hair.

Whenever you wish to carry your hair again to regular, Dr Kapoor means that you must use a gentle brush to comb again the hair. Do it in small sections. You may also attempt a deep conditioning masks to assuage the hair.

How do minimise injury attributable to backcombing! Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Alternates to backcombing

There are some safer options to backcombing you could attempt similar to:

  • Use crimpers to model your hair
  • Use voluminizing and root lifting merchandise and stylers, however not too usually
  • Use a thickening serum that offers fuller-looking hair. Ensure that it doesn’t include any dangerous components
  • Take a superb protein and nutrient-rich food regimen to spice up hair well being

Warning: Ensure you discuss to your physician earlier than attempting new issues.


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