Is picket comb actually the sport changer to your hair?

Just a few years in the past, individuals solely cared about steering away from all of the hair elements with dangerous chemical substances, however occasions have modified! Folks at the moment are conscious that switching to good hair brushes can also be essential to retaining hair woes at bay. Working example – the picket comb! Just lately, there was plenty of buzz round this hair product. It has been claimed that it may possibly do wonders to your hair! So, we needed to clear the air and attain out to an knowledgeable to determine if it truly is sweet to your hair or not!

Speaking to Well being Pictures, movie star beauty dermatologist Dr Soma Sarkar defined why picket comb is a more sensible choice for hair well being and why it deserves all of the hype!

Is selecting a picket comb good to your hair?

Explaining the fundamental science behind picket combs, Dr Sarkar says that plastic and metallic combs may cause static in your hair as a result of they’re positively charged and your hair is negatively charged. Furthermore, they’re dangerous to the setting. Whereas, wooden affords a plethora of advantages to your hair in addition to the setting.

wooden comb benefits
Is picket comb higher to your hair? Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

Advantages of picket comb for hair and scalp

Listed here are all the advantages of switching to picket combs:

1. Comprises adverse ions

The hair in your head is negatively charged, and so is wooden. This doesn’t trigger static and seals the moisture in your hair. This additionally makes your hair feel and look smoother, explains the knowledgeable.

2. They’re setting pleasant

Dr Sarkar says, “Wood comb scores over plastic and metallic combs as a result of they’re setting pleasant. They’re natural and manufactured from bamboo or neem bark, so they’re additionally simpler to scrub and more healthy to make use of. They can be reused, which makes them an excellent choice.”

3. Nourishes the hair and scalp

“The enamel of picket combs are softer as in comparison with different varieties of comb, which doesn’t harm the scalp. Common use of picket combs helps distribute pure oils in your scalp and throughout your hair,” elaborate Dr Sarkar. It will assist your hair look clean and shiny.

4. Boosts hair progress

If lengthy, luscious hair is what you need, select a picket comb! It massages the scalp with out bruising it. It additionally improves blood circulation, which helps your hair to develop longer and get more healthy, avers the knowledgeable.

Wooden hair
Is picket comb good for hair progress? Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Say no to tangled and weak hair with a picket comb!

A picket comb doesn’t tangle your hair as a lot as a plastic or metallic comb would. It runs easily by means of the hair and over your head, which makes it a protected choice for you. Plus, it doesn’t trigger any breakage to your hair and make it stronger.

6. They’re sturdy

Wood combs are sometimes manufactured from bamboo, which is a sustainable and renewable supply. It makes it extra sturdy. Additionally, they’re straightforward to scrub and could be simply saved, says Dr Sarkar.


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