Low or excessive hair porosity? Discover out the sort you might have

There are occasions when your hair doesn’t reply effectively to hair dyes or different styling merchandise. However some will discover that their hair simply absorbs moisture and present wonders with oils. It’s all related to hair porosity! You possibly can have excessive, low or medium hair porosity. Relying on the sort, your hair will react to completely different hair merchandise. You possibly can all the time strive a take a look at to know your kind. In spite of everything, figuring out your hair porosity is necessary for wholesome hair.

HealthShots related with Dr Vinay Kumar, Senior Marketing consultant Dermatologist, Max Tremendous Speciality Hospital, Dehradun, Uttarakhand to know all about hair porosity.

What’s hair porosity?

Hair porosity signifies how porous your hair is. Merely put, it’s the capability of hair to allow passage and retention of gear like water, chemical compounds in addition to different molecules between environments inside and out of doors of hair.

hair porosity
Know the way hair porosity helps your tresses. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Dr Kumar explains that the outermost layer of hair strands is known as cuticle and it’s this layer that comes with hair pores. Hair porosity is set by the association of constructing blocks of the outermost layer of hair strands. Beneath regular circumstances, pores have an optimum dimension allowing entry of simply the correct quantity of gear. Too large or too small pores end in both excessively excessive or too little transference of assorted components.

Hair porosity is generally genetically decided, however it is usually affected by

• Your age
• Stage of publicity to daylight
• Hair dyeing or use of hair colors
• Chemical therapies
• Hair care routine

Porosity is necessary in predicting how your hair goes to answer a hair process or therapy. On the premise of character of pores, you’ll be able to classify hair into low porosity, medium porosity, and excessive porosity the place medium porosity is the conventional sample.

Methods to check hair porosity

There are a number of methods to evaluate hair porosity. Many of the checks are straightforward, and one among them is called the Float Take a look at. It measures the convenience with which a strand of hair sinks when positioned on the floor of nonetheless water at room temperature in a bowl. The extremely porous hair will sink virtually instantly because it shortly turns into heavier by absorbing water molecules. Low porosity hair will resist water penetration and take greater than 5 minutes to sink. Hair with medium pores will take much less time to sink as in comparison with low porosity hair.

Low porosity hair

Low porosity hair is much less conscious of hair dyes and huge sized molecules with heavy molecular weight. So be it coconut oil or grapeseed oil, your hair is not going to reply effectively to it when you have low porosity hair.

hair porosity
Girls with excessive porosity hair ought to go for shea butter. Picture Courtesy: Freepik

Excessive porosity hair

Girls with excessive porosity hair will discover that their tresses enable straightforward penetration and retention of heavier molecules like oils, keratin and shea butter. Such hair kind wants therapy with protein-rich hair preparations (hair masks with eggs).

Medium porosity hair

Medium porosity is taken into account to be the optimum state whereby hair permits selective molecules to move by way of and retain them.

Ideas for low porosity hair

1. Use light-weight hair oil

You have to be involved with moisturisation and breaking of hair. Since your hair is dry, tough and brittle, you must use light-weight oils like almond oil (methods of utilizing almond oil to regulate hair fall).

2. Bathe in heat water

Bathing in heat water can assist open up pores, says the skilled. You should use conditioners, that are greatest when utilized to moist hair. Protein containing preparations are usually not appropriate for low porosity hair.

3. Use apple cider vinegar

Particles clogging the pores in cuticle can simply be eliminated through the use of apple cider vinegar. Humectants like honey and aloe vera will assist to reverse low porosity hair.

Ideas for top porosity hair

1. Use shea butter

Girls with excessive porosity hair ought to go for heavy molecules like shea butter and cocoa. Protein-based merchandise will assist to restore the broken cuticle.

2. Take away hair tangles gently

In case you have excessive porosity hair, you have to take away hair tangles very gently. A hair conditioner that helps to extend moisture content material of hair will probably be a fantastic assist.


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