American DREAM: Discipline, Resilience, Endurance, Adaptability, and Mentorship to Succeed and Win in Life



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Unleash Your Growth Now with the Power of the Freedom Triangle

Kickstart Your Journey by Mastering the "DREAM elements": Discipline, Resilience, Endurance, Adaptability, and Mentorship

Do you find yourself struggling, unsure of how to get out of your current situation to start winning in life?
Does finding "peace of mind" seem unattainable? (Hint: It's not!)
Did you know that ANYONE can achieve success when they adopt the right growth mindset?
Combat veteran and business owner, Magda Khalifa, has just the book for you. American DREAM:  Discipline, Resilience, Endurance,Adaptability, and Mentorship to Succeed and Win in Life is a combination of real-world stories from her own experience and mentoring others to help you become the bold risk-taker and successful individual you've always dreamed of being.
Be warned though, this is not a book for those who don't desire true change. Khalifa forces you to look deeper within to discover areas that are keeping you from controlling your life. It won't be easy to peel back the layers, but the changes it will bring to your life are more than worth it!

In this book you'll gain:

  • An understanding of the Freedom Triangle we should all strive to achieve in life
  • Mindset tactics to get you on the right track
  • A deep dive into the fascinating life of a true American Patriot
  • Knowledge of the power and significance of critical thought and root cause analysis
  • An appreciation for the power of having proven mentors in your life who aren't afraid to tell you what you need to hear
  • Key thoughts on giving back, health optimization, wealth creation, and more!
We live in an era of abundance. You are out of excuses for why your life is stalling and why you haven't yet reached your goals. American DREAM is the gateway to become the best version of yourself. 
This book is set up to guide you toward success and live your American dream. It's a playbook with actionable steps, so if you are ready to go, strap in. It will require you get out of your comfort zone,but Khalifa makes the case for you to do so. Are you ready?
Don't wait. Buy this book NOW to build a more intentional life and finally realize your American Dream!


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