Armored: A Memoir with Inspirational and Practical Life Strategies



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As Ephesians 6:11-18 reminds us, we are to put on our full armor to prepare for any battles that we face — that armoring includes our God-gifted strengths, talents, and experiences which are unique to us. 
In her book, ARMORED, Dawn F. Landry shares her story with honesty and transparency as she humorously relays how she was stretched and pressed into becoming a "care coach" for her husband, Daran. With no medical background, she details how she redefined the role of caregiver to one that better suited her and her patient (her husband) throughout his three life-threatening illnesses.   
Unconventional, imperfect, determined, yet self-aware, Dawn believes that by leaning into our individual armoring, we all have the power within us to courageously inspire, activate and be an advocate for our loved ones and ourselves. 
She details 10 Key Battle Strategies which include:
  1. Advance Self-Awareness.
  2. Pick a Great Partner; Know Your Partner.
  3. Ready Your Life.
  4. Deploy Coping Mechanisms.
  5. Don't Worry Until It's Time to Worry.
  6. No People Pleasing Allowed.
  7. Laugh Often.
  8. Celebrate All Achievements.
  9. Live with Grace; Reclaim Your Mojo.
  10. The Freedom to Define the Next Chapter.

 ARMORED is a memoir, a love story, and ultimately a practical leadership guide to managing crisis on your own terms.

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