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Sarah has a dream, to become an artist. Leaving home in the dead of night, she places her trust in smugglers. Will she survive the journey to fulfill her dreams?

Based on true events, Behind Sunrise tells the story of the bright and positive, yet ferociously determined, Sarah Belay.

Sarah is a sixteen-year-old Ethiopian girl with big dreams. She wants to travel to Europe to pursue the arts. However, she has a huge problem – her family is dead set against it.

When she hears the man who drives her to school talk about human smuggling, her ears perk up. She knows what she’s going to do. Weeks later, in the dead of night, she leaves her home to embark on a journey that dramatically changes her life.

With little information from her transporters, Sarah travels the perilous off-road paths toward Sudan in the care of suspicious and increasingly cruel men. The battle for survival brings out the worst in some, and the incredibly good in others as a bond forms between some of the travelers.

Arriving in Sudan, Sarah finds work and saves money for what she believes is the most dangerous leg of the journey – the long trek through the Sahara Desert and into Libya. The passage, however, is a nightmare far worse than anything she could have imagined. Abandoned by the smugglers in the vast barrenness of Al Kufrah, the friends escape and hire a local Libyan smuggler to get them to Tripoli.

Instead, he takes them to the middle of the desert and into even more life-h3ening dangers. Will Sarah survive the journey to reach her dreams? Or will the circumstances beyond her control destroy her?

If you enjoy a heartfelt but thrilling story based on a true-life events, then Behind Sunrise is for you.

Buy your copy now and read about what Sarah sacrificed in order to have a chance to fulfill her dreams.

“This is an amazing story that reads like an action-packed adventure. You won’t want to put it down.” —Dr. Melissa Caudle, Bestselling Author and Media Influence.


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