Blacks in Osteopathic Medicine: An Idea Whose Time Has Come




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This book sets out to disprove the idea and thought that historical information is vague, elusive, or sparse regarding Black people within the context of being a part of the founding and progression of medicine –including osteopathic medicine in America and throughout the world. Not only is there enough information to illustrate an extremely important aspect of osteopathic medicine, but it also makes us manifest the relevance and importance of defining the African American role in contributing to one of the greatest medical sciences in the world today. This untold story is one that will capture the imagination of some, spark elements of denial in others, and challenge a few to expand the brevity of their own knowledge about osteopathic medicine. It is certain that this aspect concerning the influence of Blacks in osteopathic medicine will be written in the sandstones of time, and more importantly, in the hearts and minds of all future healers who believe in this great science.


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