Blessed And Unstoppable: Your Blueprint For Success




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DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Blessed And Unstoppable is a success manual that will help you start living the abundant life you were created you to live. Putting this victory program into action will allow you to experience the unequivocal freedom and fullness of God's blessing. Destiny intentionally brought this book across your path to prepare you with the knowledge, understanding, and revelation required for you to inherit your future. Coming into agreement with these powerful teachings will cause the shackles and chains of bondage that have been limiting you to finally be broken. This is more than just another positive self-help book, this is the blueprint for building the life of your dreams! THIS BOOK INCLUDES: 31 Success Lessons, 31 Positive Affirmations, 31 Powerful Prayers, 31 Inspirational Messages, 31 Action Steps, Over 300 Self-Assessment Questions, Over 300 Wisdom Quotes, Topical Life Bible, Goal Worksheets, Bonus Self-Awareness Workbook. This life altering book comes complete with everything you need to change your life! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Billy Alsbrooks is one of the top rising stars in the self-help industry. He's a former Billboard recording artist, songwriter, and hit producer who became a born again Christian in 2008. After graduating from FCU with a focus major in Bible Ministry and Theology, he's now an author, thought surgeon, success engineer, and powerful motivational speaker.


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