Bling: A Story About Ditching the Struggle and Living in Flow



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Hip-hop has given A-Luv everything he ever wanted: money, status, and bling. What A-Luv doesn’t know is that his life is about to be upended during a fateful trip to India. All the suffering that’s buried beneath the shiny exterior of his life will be brought to the surface when an unexpected guide starts him on a journey of personal and spiritual growth. Follow along as A-Luv learns to let go of beliefs that have long kept him stuck, and live in a state of flow that will transform his music—and his life.

Told as a parable, Bling: A Story About Ditching the Struggle & Living in Flow is filled with powerful lessons for anyone who’s unsure of how to reach their full potential. Andy Seth—whose life inspired A-Luv’s story—uses hip-hop as a lens to show that inner peace and joy can be achieved while remaining creative and ambitious. Andy unpacks the tenets of a high vibe lifestyle that will move you from seeking to finding—from a place of uncertainty to a place of peace, focus, optimism, energy, and success you never thought possible.


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