Capacity: Women Shattering the Limits Now!



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In Capacity: Women Shattering The Limits – Now! Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker encourages women to take back their power, give themselves permission to win, develop their voice, be true to themselves, and get clear about their personal career vision. She provides a strategy for women to win by using their Capacity to break free and shatter any limits to design the career and life desired. Attend to the following thought, dear reader: Breaking through boundaries requires preparation. A recurring theme in the book is readiness. Dr. Wicker describes readiness as a choice. Are you ready to design a limitless future? If your answer is a resounding, “Yes!” you are prepared to deep dive into the chapters of Capacity: Women Shattering The Limits – Now! and definitively separate yourself from the rest.
Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker has been carrying a weight since 2011. Seeing women race to the top of a career ladder, successfully doing more work with smaller teams, working long hours with no obvious comparator in view, and still not being handed the keys to the C-suite all wore heavy on Dr. Wicker for too many years as an executive in corporate America. Since then, she’s been collecting keys, preparing a suite of her own, and unselfishly designing a frame of reference for high-achieving women stretching into the uppermost heights of life and career. She shows off her handiwork in the pages of Capacity: Women Shattering The Limits – Now! Using seven (7) C’s, Dr. Wicker deconstructs the mindset rife with personal and professional inconsistencies and replaces it with a framework complete with skills to break into the realm of measuring up every day.
Much like a master builder, she thoroughly inspects the current design for your life and, through her 7 C’s, helps women think and learn differently. The difference, at the completion of reconstruction, is a master plan designed and created to help break free and live a life without limits. At the foundation are guiding principles of how you do it!
Readers open to exchanging the ant for the elephant approach to leadership, both in life and in the workplace, will benefit from reading this book. The code to a newly remodeled, custom life and access to the C-suite are all found here. Dr. Wicker encourages women to be concerned about “what your capacity is versus what your potential is.” These are words well-spoken from a brand authority and career strategy master who uses the chapters in this book as a depository for the reader to exchange lack of commitment for preparedness.
Resolving to be “thoroughly used up,” and to empty herself of “impossible” thinking, Dr. Lisa Lindsay Wicker masterfully guides women out of the mold of limitation, self-imposed or otherwise.


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