Create Online and Grow Rich: How You Can Escape the 9 to 5, Have Time Freedom, and Do What You Love




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“Elke’s passion to help and inspire creative designers to do what they love and be profitable online shines through in this book. Her expertise in digital content, online marketing, and branding is why she is successful on Zazzle year after year. Elke is an international authority on how to sell effectively on Zazzle and has helped other Zazzle designers become successful with her proven plan. Elke Clarke’s book, Create Online and Grow Rich, will inspire you, motivate you and guide you to start on your own Zazzle journey to success.”- Diana Adair – Former Director of Communications at Zazzle

“I believe we creatives can dramatically transform our lives by using eCommerce to be profitable and do what we love. But first, we must shed our limiting beliefs about the value of our creativity, our ability to be good at business and to be successful entrepreneurs. I am on a mission to help you do exactly that.”

Elke Clarke has witnessed it over and over again, how creatives feel torn between needing to hold down a “real job” to pay the bills and pursuing their dream to earn a living being creative, doing what they love. They’re afraid to follow their passion because they have not found a way to make their dream a reality.

In the book, Create Online and Grow Rich, award-winning author, international speaker, mentor, coach and 7-figure creative entrepreneur, Elke Clarke, challenges you to dismiss the “Starving Artist” mindset. She knows that many creatives have allowed society and old outdated mindsets to limit their ability to make money. Are you a photographer, artist, graphic designer or simply someone who loves being creative? You can now use the right eCommerce platform to make money and apply Elke’s proven business and marketing strategies to become empowered to do what you love and earn as much money as you want. With a challenge to you as a creative to stop talking yourself out of your dream, Elke helps you overcome your hindering mindset, teaches you the behaviors to adopt, and provides you with her signature proven business plan; the plan that has worked for her and others to generate millions of dollars in sales year after year. You will be empowered to build your own successful online eCommerce business, profit from your creativity, do what you love and transform your life. Age Range: Adult


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