Dear Black Girl: Equip, Empower, Enlighten




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In a world where we are still shouting “Black Lives Matter” it is important to create a safe space for the different sectors of the black race. Black girls are often viewed as loud, boisterous, confrontational and just plain mean. They are placed in boxes and are often times not given the space to allow their light to shine. But, before they can allow their lights to shine, they first have to know that they have a light within. Other people and races are threatened by this inside light that the black girl carries, so sometimes, it is dimmed even before it can be discovered. The idea that a black girl could change the world frightens a lot of demographics and as a result, some black girls never reach their full potential. Unknown self-hate and not being properly nurtured also add to the demise of the light that black girls have in them. As an educator for over a decade, I have encountered several black girls who are afraid to do the work to become who they are destined to be. Others simply do not know how or where to start. As a result, they settle for mediocrity and what seems to be “safe.” By no stretch of the imagination is this Dear Black Girl “the gospel.” It is merely a guide to offer black girls a different perspective and to add to what they already know. I also hope to shed some light on that which is unknown and tap into untapped inner thoughts. It is my desire that every black girl who reads this book finds something valuable that can be taken away or tucked inside. I hope to plant seeds and allow life to water those seeds. And when those seeds are ready to bloom, she will blossom in full force…becoming the beautiful, amazing, strong, intelligent black girl she was created to be. Dear Black Girl is designed to be interactive. After every chapter, an opportunity for reflection will be provided. It is my desire that reflections will occur for the purpose of enhancement and growth. I believe in black women. I trust black women. I love black women. I am a black woman.


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