Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk: A Guide To Speaking Faith-filled Words



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Did you know that faith can help you overcome negative self-talk?

Are you…

✓  Plagued by negative self-talk that limits your potential?

✓  Trying to boost your self-confidence but the nasty voice in your head just won’t shut up?

✓  Ready to accept the Scripture as your solution?

Then read on!

Negative self-talk is that voice in your head that says things like “I got a C on this test, this means that I’m not good at anything, the teacher hates me, and I’ll fail school and never get a job while everyone else is SO good at everything, just look at their Instagram posts!”.

Negative self-talk is self-talk that’s caught in cognitive distortions: overgeneralizing, always assuming the worst, setting unreasonable expectations, and so on. It’s damaging to your mental health, your relationships, and even your physical health because stress literally makes you sick.

Is there a way out?

Remember that God wants you to be happy and to think good thoughts. He wants your thoughts to be a reflection of His love. So don’t hesitate to turn to the Holy Scriptures if you want to replace your negative self-talk with positive affirmations!

This book will help you do it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to observe your self-talk and stop a negative thought when it comes up

  • How to use the Scriptures as a source of positive affirmations

  • How to find the right life-giving words of faith in challenging situations
  • How to help a loved one who’s struggling with negativity
  • And much more!

The effect of speaking faith-filled words instead of the “usual” negative chatter will be overwhelming! You’ll boost your confidence, overcome fears and anxieties, improve your relationships and unlock the full potential that God has given you!

Let the voice in your head speak words of love and faith, not fear and criticism.

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