Do Something!: “I can…I will–I won’t quit!



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To become the BEST version of yourself, you have to DO SOMETHING! How do you break through the cycle of self-doubt and realize your potential? How do you find the motivation and the desire to keep going when things look overwhelming? Regardless of what stage you are in life, you are on a journey that you have to walk. Join Jim “Basketball” Jones on a walk through the lessons he learned as a Special Education student struggling with Dyslexia. During this walk, Jim reveals the exact steps YOU need to take to break out and break through YOUR own adversity. Secret tips and tricks that will help motivate you to get up and get you going. Plus, you will learn 8 PERSONAL SUCCESS PRINCIPLES that if followedwill make you unstoppable. This simple book is a great PLAYBOOK to help you become the BEST version of Yourself. This book is also a SLAM DUNK guide for parents or teachers to develop resilient, confident and strong kids. 8 Personal SuccessPrinciples Inside. Bust through Adversity; Take Control of Your Life; Realize Your Dreams; Become the Best Version of Yourself


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