DON’T BE DEPRESSED (Getting Healed from Depression)




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Self-help from depressive illness, Regaining your mind and mood, How to be happy and get back your normal self, Building self-esteem & being motivated

Don’t Be Depressed approach has been met with great success rates, helping even those who have failed to respond to traditional medications. For anyone looking to supplement their treatment, Getting Healed from Depression offers hope and a practical path to wellness for anyone. If you’ve ever struggled with depression, take heart. Getting Healed from Depression, a simple yet powerful way of paying attention to your most difficult emotions and life experiences can help you break the cycle of chronic unhappiness once and for all.

Through insightful lessons drawn from both Eastern meditative traditions and cognitive therapy, they demonstrate how to sidestep the mental habits that lead to despair, including rumination and self-blame, so you can face life’s challenges with greater resilience

Learn how to identify the differences between normal stress and depression, and find easy exercises designed to help you develop the skills you need to manage your emotional well-being and bring happiness back into your life.

This guide gives you the helping hand you need to get through this difficult time.


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