Everything I Know I Learned from Baseball



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EVERYTHING I KNOW I LEARNED FROM BASEBALL is a collection of inspiring and amusing life lessons drawn from the baseball and softball diamonds. The author, a third-generation baseball coach, creates a “Life Strategies Lineup,” with nine keys to finding success and happiness: ATTITUDE, PREPARATION, FOCUS, CHARACTER, DISCIPLINE, COOPERATION, COURAGE, GROWTH, INDEPENDENCE. The book also includes over 40 inspirational quotes from well-known baseball personalities and others.

Perfect for coaches, baseball moms and dads, and young adults who want to get back to what is really important about the game that means so much to them – good sportsmanship, doing one’s best, cooperation, and teamwork. The parallels between life and baseball are clear to those who enjoy the game, and this book uses the fundamentals of good baseball and softball to help ballplayers and parents map out a path towards success and happiness both on the field, and more importantly, at school, at the job, and at home and in relationships.


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