Heart-Dreamer: Stepping into Life, Love, Creativity and Dreams-No Matter What




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Nurture your body, mind and spirit and gain insight about your unlimited potential.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, New York Times bestselling author, says: “Cheryl Melody Baskin knows the secret to a life of wellness – living in your heart. I highly recommend this gem of a book from the heart and to the heart.”

User-friendly and inspirational, it is designed for anyone who has always been a dreamer, forgot their dreams along the way, or never knew how to dream. It is also dedicated to readers who want to heal and grow from inside-out and live life with more lightness, balance and joy.

By sharing my struggles and vulnerabilities, you will see that you’re not alone with your own doubts, fears and insecurities … and the abundance of self-healing and self-discovery activities sprinkled throughout each chapter will serve to guide and transform your personal journey.

Heart-Dreamer also contains the voices of wisdom from people all over the world who share their life lessons with you in one inspiring community of love.

Heart-Dreamer is also here to help you get in touch with your imaginative and playful inner child. It will ignite a spark of wonder, leading you to know that you can always choose to begin again with new visions of hope, no matter what. 

My strongest desire is to support you in getting out of your own way … offering experiential activities that will encourage you to take positive paths in all areas of your life. Every page of Heart-Dreamer overflows with unconditional love and wisdom, encouraging you to live your one life with determination, patience, joy, persistence, strength, courage, faith, creative flow, and most of all, love.


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