How to Survive Your Quarter-Life Crisis




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Hello and welcome to your quarter-life crisis. Let me guess: you’ve dyed your hair purple and can’t decide how to ask your boss for a ‘find yourself’ sabbatical. No purple hair? Good. I got here just in time. I’ll cut to the chase. Yes, a quarter-life crisis is a thing. No, you are not on your own. My name is Jodanna Bird and I’m a fellow quarter-life crisis sufferer. I’ve written ‘How to Survive Your Quarter-Life Crisis’ for people just like you and I. Using scientific research, genuine case studies and a smidge of humour, this book will help you: Understand what a quarter-life crisis is and why you might be having one. Realise your life purpose and how to reach it. Unlock your greatest potential and be more successful than you ever imagined. ‘How to Survive Your Quarter-Life Crisis’ will help you create a roadmap to clarity. It will tackle topics such as work, self-worth, habits and mindset, allowing you to regain control over your life and enjoy the exciting opportunities that await you. By the end of this practical self-help book, you will feel reassured that you are not alone in your period of anxiety, have clearly defined #lifegoals and be ready to truly survive your quarter-life crisis. Ready? Let’s go!


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