HUSTLE YOUR WAY TO $UCCE$$ IN SPORTS SALES: Playbook to BEING ELITE in the Sports Business Industry




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Sales is a numbers game and by hustling (each and) every day, you will be successful. Working in sports sales is a lot of fun but it is also a grind with a lot of highs and lows. Travis has been fortunate to work around a lot of great people in this industry and has had some very gratifying experiences. That is why he wrote this book. He wanted the opportunity to give back and provide a blueprint to be successful in the sports sales industry. This real-life, how-to-book will help you land your first job, or assist you in continuing down the journey to being elite in this industry.

Whether you are looking to get in this business, or you already are and you are looking to continue to grow your career, this book is for you.

HUSTLE YOUR WAY TO $UCCE$$ IN SPORTS SALES will show you how to be ELITE in the sports business.

“Travis Apple is the perfect person to write this book because his career success personifies the title. In my 45 plus years in the Sports and Entertainment industry, encompassing a decade teaching as a University Professor and three plus decades operating as a Senior Executive at iconic sports properties, I have never seen anyone with the work rate, the ability to create relationships or produce the conversion/ success rate of Travis. Truly a “coaches son” he exemplified getting in early, hustling all day including working through lunch and staying late while being totally focused on producing results. His “Root” stats (call volume, call duration, appointments set and referrals) were invariably double the next best producer. Not surprisingly his “Fruit” stats (tickets sold, revenue produced and average revenue per sale) were also double the next best performer. In short, he truly lived it, taught it as a Leader and is now sharing “Next Practices” (Future Best Practices) for the world to learn from the Best!”

Dr. Bernie Mullin, Founder and Chairman of The Aspire Sports Marketing Group

“Not surprisingly, Travis has written a must-read for anyone looking to have success in Sports Sales. This is the playbook that Travis personally followed which has led to his, and many others, success in our industry.”

Lou DePaoli, EVP & CRO at New York Mets

“From the moment we met, Travis was fully committed to success. And not in a lip-service type of way, I mean he was ALL-IN. Some people are nouns, others are verbs, and unequivocally Travis is a verb who is all about action and implementation. His commitment to success is unmatched”

Corey Breton, CRO Global Attractions at Legends

“The grind, the hustle, the countless objections…that’s just sales to most people. To Travis, it’s fuel. It’s an opportunity to learn, but also to teach. Travis has built a stellar reputation as one of the best sales leaders and trainers in our business. “Hustle Your Way to Success in Sports Sales” is a sneak peek into what it takes to be successful, but also to develop the calluses to survive in the sports business as a seller. Congratulations on taking this step to invest in yourself to learn from the best.”

Raven Jemison, Vice President, Team Marketing Business Operations of the NBA, G-League, and WNBA

“Travis has a wealth of experience in the industry combined with a history of finding talented young men and women with potential and helping them on their journey. I can’t think of better Sherpa to help you on your journey.”

Dr. Bill Sutton, Founder and Principal of Bill Sutton & Associates


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