Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams (Leader Board Series)



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Get your copy of the book the USDaily Review says, “will help any leader, manager, recruiter, people manager, or HR pro revitalize their approach to leading and hiring.”

LEADERS ARE THE DIFFERENTIATOR BETWEEN BAD, GOOD, AND GREAT TEAMS. Great leaders know how to magnify their collective team talent, align and inspire the group, and set ambitious yet achievable targets. Poor leaders do the opposite.

LEADER BOARD: THE DNA OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS answers the crucial question facing today’s leaders: how to understand and unleash the potential of their team’s DNA faster and more effectively than ever before.

OMAR L. HARRIS synthesizes the best advice from modern leadership gurus into a suite of easily applied TEAM- PERFORMANCE ACCELERATION PRINCIPLES. Follow the story of a leader, Samuel “Coach” Lombardi, who leverages a lifetime of hard-won wisdom to deliver a stellar product launch.

LEVEL-UP YOUR TEAM LEADERSHIP SKILLS. Invest in the story but stay for the discussion, where you gain a treasure chest of ready-made resources to immediately impact team-performance.

UNLOCK THE CODE TO MAKING HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS WORK. The two most important days in your career are the day you get promoted into leadership and the day you find out WHY. Come inside to learn how to maximize the DNA OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS.


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