Marcus Aurelius Updated: 21st Century Meditations On Living Life




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“Kelvin Chin is a unique and most valuable voice in what is too often an echo chamber of New Age writers and speakers. Kelvin’s messages always come from his own direct experience, filtered through his own common sense, reason and logic. What results is always informative, thoughtful and helpful. I recommend Kelvin’s excellent work to all my friends.”

William “Widge” Baldridge


“Marcus Aurelius Updated: 21st Century Meditations On Living Life” has the same goal as the 2nd century book, “Meditations”, by the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius: to help us think about key areas of our lives in a practical way to increase our enjoyment of life.

A collection of essays on:

  • emotions
  • life principles
  • meditation
  • spiritual

Plus insights into love, forgiveness, pursuit of happiness, free will, destiny, and the meaning of life.

“Marcus Aurelius Updated” is written for: Anyone actively pursuing happiness, regardless of their religious or cultural beliefs.

What you will discover: Tips, answers, and food for thought — expressed in plain English with consistent think-ing as the common denominator.

Read it and walk away with ideas that will help you today.

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Kelvin Chin is a public speaker, author, and meditation teacher, and the Executive Director and Founder of and the Overcoming the Fear of Death Foundation. He has helped people live more effective lives since the 1970s.

“Kelvin’s books are a light in the darkness. His ability to explain complicated subjects is amazing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and being of service!”

Annmarie Martin

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