Nothing to Show for it: The Student Athlete’s Rule Book For Success




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Mike Daniels, starting defensive end for the Green Bay Packers says, “there are fundamental truths laid out in this book that will provide guidance and direction to incoming male student-athletes. Vernon does an excellent job of describing the many traps and pitfalls that young men learn from their unfortunate experience of unwitting self destruction.” Brandon Siler, UF National Champion and veteran NFL linebacker says, “every young aspiring athlete needs the knowledge that Vern Jackson is empowering them with in this book. Having this knowledge will prepare young men for the ultimate game…. The game of life.” A strikingly large proportion of the most talented and highly touted prep athletic recruits each year come from impoverished, urban inner cities. For many of the young men from those areas, the opportunity that comes with an athletic scholarship is truly once in a lifetime; they cannot afford to waste it. Unfortunately a number of pitfalls and traps await these young men when they get to college, traps that often cost them their entire future. This is a concise, straight forward hard hitting rule book aimed at providing student athletes the knowledge and foresight needed to maximize their success and avoid ending up with Nothing to Show for their athletic investments. Everyday we hear of student athletes falling into various traps and negative situations which put their entire futures at risk. This book outlines the most common and harmful traps that student athletes fall into and gives warnings on how to avoid those traps.


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