Soldier On!: Forging Ahead Despite the Odds




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SOLDIER ON! I am a soldier. I was trained for this. I am a warrior. I am prepared for this. I am more than a conqueror. I will beat this. I am victorious. I will stand tall and strong. My shoulders are upright. My head is held high. My feet are grounded. My body is at the ready. I am a leader. I lead by example. I am attentive to detail. I have razor like focus. My emotions are in check. My mind is in check. My attitude is in check. My heart is in check. My support system is standing guard. My life is rich. My strength is renewed. My spirit is revived. I endure gracefully! I succeed humbly! I speak wisely! I listen intently! I persevere! I persevere! I persevere! I PERSEVERE!!!


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