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“Although mysteries are part of life, some mysteries are not meant to be secrets – they are treasures we can discover. How do we get God to reveal treasures? By asking God why.” – Austin Harris, Jr.

Do you have spiritual questions, only God can answer? The Book Why will show you proven and powerful methods that will give you the spiritual boldness necessary to ask God why. Draw from this book the inspiration to overcome adversity. Even find spiritual fulfillment that will allow you to move forward in your life with peace and contentment.  Asking God why will help you better understand your life and enhance your relationships. Asking God why will give you the enlightenment necessary to deal with difficult situations, like the Covid-19 pandemic, loss of a loved one, or loss of a job.

In this revolutionary spiritually based book written for people of all religions, you will learn:

  • How to ask God – the meaning of unconditional love and receive the spiritual strength to overcome relationship problems.
  • How to ask God – what is pain?  Learn why your struggles are part of your spiritual journey designed to build character and make you stronger.
  • How to ask God – what is death?  Trusting God eases pain if you are dealing with the intense sadness of losing somebody you love. Have the comfort of knowing that there was a spiritual purpose even when a loved one transitioned to heaven.

When our physical life is over, and the afterlife is waiting for you, what is the ultimate spiritual question? WHY? Learn how to Ask God Why now.

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