Victory Favors the Fearless: How to Defeat the 7 Fears That Hold You Back (Sports for the Soul)



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A Life-Changing Book About the Power of FEARLESS Thinking

You will never achieve any important goal until you first defeat the fears that stand between you and that goal—the fears that say it’s too risky, you don’t deserve it, or you’re not good enough.

In fact, fearful thinking is one of the most destructive thought patterns you can fall into. Whenever you find yourself worrying, procrastinating, or questioning your potential — FEAR is getting the best of you.

Specifically, there are seven common fears you must learn to defeat if you want to live a happy and successful life:

1) The fear of what other people think.

2) The fear of change.

3) The fear of making the wrong decision.

4) The fear of missing out on something better.

5) The fear of not being good enough.

6) The fear of failure being permanent.

7) The fear of being “due” for a setback.

Every major worry and self-destructive thought is rooted in one of these seven fears.

In this inspirational fable, Mickey McGavin is a pro boxer struggling to overcome the seven fears that are holding him back—in the ring and in life. With the help of a former world champion who becomes his trainer and mentor, McGavin learns he must defeat the fears in his mind before he can defeat his opponents in the ring.

Boxing is the metaphor for life in this story, but the techniques used for defeating fear are universal.

No matter your goal, FEAR is your ultimate opponent and this book will show you how to defeat the fears that hold you back from living the life you were born to live.

Read this life-changing book and discover why victory — in sports, in business, and in life — always favors the fearless.


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