Tips on how to Discover Artistic Options by Emptying Your Thoughts

I’ve at all times been fascinated by how artistic artists describe their course of. Inevitably, they speak about being in a state of open thoughts the place the obtain of core creativity can occur. I do know painters who sit in entrance of a clean canvas watching it and guitarists who will sit wanting on the ocean, guitar at their aspect, ready for an concept to look.

Actor and author Cody Fern says that for him, setting the state to be receptive to new artistic concepts appears to be like like “silence and clearing, getting actually quiet, saving the reserves of vitality.” He doesn’t let himself suppose an excessive amount of about how he may strategy his work, which might distract him from what his non-rational mind is speaking to him. 

James Taylor stated in a 2015 Hemispheres journal interview, “Given sufficient empty time, the songs present up. I’ve usually stated that it’s an unconscious and mysterious course of, my sort of songwriting. You actually are simply ready to listen to it, and it’s important to be in a spot the place you may obtain the tune, greater than generate it. There’s simply one thing about songwriting. It’s like a musical puzzle or a math drawback. While you resolve it, it’s such as you’re being shock by your individual unconscious in a means. That’s an unparalleled delight.” 

Robbie Robertson of the Band stated within the documentary As soon as We Had been Brothers, “The artistic course of is a course of catching you off guard. You write about what you realize, the place you’ve been, who you knew and know… Creativity comes from the womb of vacancy.” 

“Curiosity about life in all points, I feel, remains to be the key of nice artistic individuals.”- Leo Burnett

What are you surrendering to whenever you expertise a downflow of core creativity? Many individuals consider that concepts can come from what Carl Jung referred to as the collective unconscious. It’s right here that the archetypes of tales, themes, and characters are stated to reside, seeping into our aware and unconscious and influencing our perceptions about ourselves and our lives. You’ll be able to faucet into your private unconscious, however some would say which you can additionally entry what’s within the collective unconscious, too. 

Mindfulness meditation — whether or not it’s sitting silently and clearing the thoughts, strolling in nature, or shifting into “absorption” whereby you merely sit nonetheless and observe — can take you out of overthinking and into the thoughts state of receptivity. The stillness and focus concerned in meditation alters your brainwaves, and due to this fact, your thoughts state. Distraction-free time can lead you to an open thoughts as you stay current within the second. 

Each core creativity and intuitive knowledge and data might be accessed in an open thoughts state — not as a result of you’ve an open thoughts, or are attempting to be open minded, however since you’re in a state of pure receptivity that evolves naturally after given your self over to vacancy. 

Follow this “No-Self” Meditation to let go of your ego and turn into curious, receptive, and free to entry your core creativity: 

  1. Start by quieting your ideas. Permit your self to turn into receptive to one thing past the distracting chatter of your producing thoughts. Discover what you’re experiencing with out producing ideas. If ideas do come up, allow them to float away like clouds. After your string of distracting ideas has slowed and even stopped, stay current in a sense of receptivity and absorption for at the least a minute or two. 
  2. Permit your self to expertise “no self.” Right here, your id drops away as  you merely expertise being current. Let your self disappear, permitting all mounted and restricted notions of who you might be or how your artistic venture ought to unfold fall away. Let ideas come up, exist, and fade away with out intervening to carry onto them. You’ll end up not in your ego thoughts, fixated on what you suppose you realize, however as an alternative feeling curious and open to receiving and discovering. 
  3. Enter the pristine vacancy. Acknowledge that you’ve got entered The Void. Stay right here even when it’s considerably uncomfortable since you’ll quickly discover that this void is definitely a fertile one, revealing itself to be full of concepts, pictures, footage, colours, textures, stillness, and risk. Permit your self to soak up and soak up no matter you want, letting it obtain into you whereas realizing you may work with this vitality of risk to make it manifest into kind. As you do, you’re downloading core creativity. Be absolutely current on this expertise, observing it, noting what you’re feeling, understanding, listening to, and seeing in your thoughts’s eye. 

While you’re prepared, finish the meditation. Chances are you’ll need to write down any impressions, concepts, or insights that got here to you. 

Use the No-Self Meditation to partake in a “clear the desk” expertise that lets you improve your intuitive skills and entry core creativity.

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