What Your Favourite Colour Says About Your Persona

What do colours say about you?

Colour psychology impacts our lives greater than most folk understand. 

Companies use it when constructing manufacturers and designing merchandise.

Inside decorators pay shut consideration to hues, shades, tints, and coloration tales when curating areas.

Firms even paint workplaces sure colours to encourage particular qualities. 

However have you ever ever thought-about: What’s the psychology behind coloration and persona? 

We’re tackling the subject beneath.

By the tip, you’ll higher perceive private coloration principle and what it says about you.

What Your Favourite Colour Says About Your Persona 

Can our favourite colours function home windows to our souls? Sure and no. 

On the one hand, it’s nowhere close to a precise science. Some might even name it a pseudo-science.

Nonetheless, the extra researchers probe the depths of how coloration impacts persona kinds and decision-making, the extra attention-grabbing “fish” they catch. 

So what’s our recommendation? Perceive that coloration psychology is a fluid and growing space of inquiry.

So don’t guess the farm on coloration psychology, however don’t fully low cost it.

No, it’s not a psycho-behavioral Rosetta Stone, however it could possibly present clues about individuals’s personalities — together with yours! 

Blue Colour That means for Your Persona

Michigan State College makes use of the Actual Colour persona evaluation system for a number of of the college’s specialised packages.

People who fall underneath the blue class “are usually enthusiastic, sympathetic, communicative, compassionate, idealistic, honest and imaginative.”

Some analysis suggests people whose favourite coloration is blue might have superior creative aptitudes and are statistically extra emotional.  

Historically, blue is related to dependability and loyalty, which is why it’s incessantly used for regulation and finance agency logos. It’s additionally believed to have a chilled impact on the psyche.

Pink Colour That means for Your Persona

Individuals who adore pink are the dragons of the colour persona scale. They’re sometimes passionate, fiery, and don’t thoughts commanding a crowd. In extra, pink lovers may be hot-tempered to a fault.

However a well-balanced dragon is disciplined and bold versus reckless and entitled.

Nonetheless, don’t bounce to conclusions — as a result of pink has deep cultural associations that impression attitudes and interpretations.

For instance, most Asian cultures revere pink as the colour of luck and fortune, whereas western sensibilities affiliate pink with aggression, energy, battle, and keenness.

Black Colour That means for Your Persona

Do you know there’s a phrase for individuals who love the colour black? Melanophile. And people who find themselves drawn to the hue are often strong-willed, decided, and unbiased. In some circles, the colour is linked to staid sophistication, objective, and confidence.

On the flip facet, individuals who put black on the head of the pack might also be insecure, suspiciously mysterious, or overconfident.

Moreover, people who take pleasure in black clothes and decor are sometimes impressed with energy; many change into glorious leaders and entrepreneurs. (Assume: Steve Job’s ubiquitous black turtleneck)

Pink Colour That means for Your Persona

Innocence and insouciance convey the essence of the colour pink. Nowadays, individuals who gravitate towards light-red hues are sometimes gentle, compassionate souls.

They’re the fragile daydreamers who wouldn’t dream of injuring one other individual.

In optimum circumstances, pink-o-philes are the darlings who’re in love with love in its purest varieties. 

Individuals who fall on the darkish facet of the pink-lover persona could also be debilitatingly hypersensitive and punitively judgmental of something exterior their worldview.     

Pink, nevertheless, is a superb instance of the cultural and contextual fluidity of coloration psychology as a result of the favored understanding of the shade has performed a 180 over the previous 80 years.

If we hopped in a time machine and traveled again to 1903, individuals we interviewed on the road would most likely insist pink was a masculine tint that denoted energy and power.

Based on an commercial for Earnshaw’s Infants Division: 

“The commonly accepted rule is pink for the boys and blue for the women. The reason being that pink, being a extra determined and stronger coloration, is extra appropriate for the boy, whereas blue, which is extra delicate and dainty, is prettier for the lady.”

By the Forties, although, the colour associations flipped, and since then, pink has change into extra related to femininity and daintiness. 

Inexperienced Colour That means for Your Persona

Based on MSU’s coloration classification program, if inexperienced is your go-to hue, you’re doubtless an analytical perfectionist who might also be conceptual, calm-headed, logical, and creative. These are the parents who crave data and are always on the hunt for solutions to life’s mind-boggling mysteries.

Inexperienced lovers might excel at emotional regulation. They’re additionally strong, supportive pals who’d transfer heaven and earth to help.

Orange Colour That means for Your Persona

Individuals who gravitate to oranges are sometimes fun-loving, spontaneous, quick-witted, and finally optimistic. They’re the parents who enthusiastically cheer on and encourage colleagues, pals, and household — and really imply it.

Brilliant orange followers are additionally identified for being adventurous, gregarious, inviting, and warm-hearted. When the going will get tough, they will also be reckless, mercurial, and irresponsible.

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Yellow Colour That means for Your Persona

Despite the fact that it’s related to the solar, gold, springtime, and summer season, few individuals cite yellow as their favourite coloration. However people who do are sometimes good-natured self-starters. Family and friends sometimes see them as vessels of affection, beacons of sunshine, and breaths of recent air.  

Different optimistic attributes of yellow lovers embody being easy-going, fun-loving, and delightfully self-deprecating.

Individuals with yellow personalities who’re down within the dumps or working from their shadow selves could also be insatiable perfectionists, overly cautious, or cowardly.  

Apparently, yellow has a optimistic psycho-intellectual impression. Research present that hues within the household stimulate the mind’s logic middle. Furthermore, some analysis suggests yellow has a soothing impact on our ideas.

Grey Colour That means for Your Persona

Two ostensibly opposing persona varieties are drawn to grays: indifferent oddballs and staid traditionalists. 

Like yellow, grey shouldn’t be a preferred favourite hue, and individuals who gravitate towards it are stated to be unemotional, secure, and mature.

Conversely, they are often extreme commitment-phobes who battle to type deep friendships and relationships.

White Colour That means for Your Persona

White is usually related to purity and peace doves. Resultantly, individuals who love the hue are seen as optimistic, kind-hearted, and discreet.

Furthermore, people who select white above different colours are usually strict rule-followers with sturdy convictions. 

On the darkish facet of the moon, people who go for white may be close-minded, overly cautious, and judgmental. 

Apparently, white isn’t a favourite coloration that most individuals stick to for lengthy intervals. Analysis suggests most cling to the hue throughout transition phases or after they’re searching for psychological readability.

Brown Colour That means for Your Persona

Brown is one other unpopular favourite coloration, however those that declare it are usually fountains of endurance. They aren’t simply rattled; many are stalwarts of measured calm within the face of turmoil. 

Apparently, it’s troublesome to search out a lot details about the unfavorable traits of brown-adoring individuals. The one different cited traits we discovered are that sepia-hue followers are incessantly heat and complex.

Purple Colour That means for Your Persona

Purple is a posh coloration related to a number of qualities and feelings. People who adore it are sometimes intriguing, non-public, imaginative, and clever. On the flip facet, they are often overly timid or standoffish.

Intriguingly, purple-reverence persons are extra prone to be difficult and will not be simply understood. Nonetheless, as soon as people get to know them, purple lovers are sometimes described as calming, partaking, and emotionally stimulating.  

Historically, purple is related to royalty, luxurious, and spirituality.

Turquoise/Aqua Colour That means for Your Persona

Turquoise and aqua are gaining floor within the favourite coloration race. Growing numbers of individuals declare the blue-green hue as their #1 shade.

If aqua is your factor, there’s a superb probability you’re courteous, pulled-together, trendy, heat, and perceptive. Individuals might usually praise you on being a simple conversationalist.

In extra, turquoise fanatics may be non-conformists to a difficult diploma — and even narcissists.  

What Are the Rarest and Most Frequent Favourite Colours?

What’s the hottest coloration on the planet? 

Frequent knowledge says it’s blue, with about 42% of males and 30% of girls citing hues within the household as their favorites. Apparently, yellow is the least common favourite coloration, with solely about 5% of individuals claiming the golden shades, in accordance with a survey by Dulux Paints. 

However do not forget that coloration is culturally contextual. Furthermore, traits are fleeting, and a few colours dwell the comet life, lighting up the charts for a short while, solely to fizzle out, by no means to be repainted.

Let’s have a look at just a few tints that basked within the color-favorite solar solely to burn out rapidly. 

Marrs Inexperienced: 2017’s favourite coloration is now a distant reminiscence.

Millennial Pink: It was all the trend between 2016 and 2018, however now people barely keep in mind its title.

Beige Rust / Deep Burgundy: Again within the Seventies, you couldn’t escape it. Nowadays, no one is checking for it. 

Majorelle Blue: It’s the colour of Frida Kahlo’s “Blue Home,” but it surely’s fallen out of favor as an inside adorning hue. 

Ultimate Ideas

As we talked about above, coloration psychology isn’t a tough science. As Adam Okay. Fetterman, a number one coloration researcher, as soon as defined, “[Formalized color psychology studies are] centered on personality-related relationships, that are essentially correlational in nature.

Nonetheless, it could be helpful to supply speculations regarding attainable causal instructions.”

In different phrases, whereas scientists are discovering new patterns concerning people’ reactions to hues, different components might impression outcomes.

So don’t guess the farm on coloration psychology requirements; as an alternative, use it as a useful information that may present persona insights.


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